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Premium Pebblecrete Finish.

Premium pebblecrete finish is a great option for gaining a deeper colour than the standards options, it consists of small quarried pebbles and glass flecks, with pure white and off white cement options. As pebblecrete uses natural pebble stones of different sizes and textures the finished surface can be inconsistant and rougher on your skin when compared to a glass pebble or fully tiled pools.

Please use this as a guide only when choosing your pool interior as the photos are a close up version and not always an exact representation of what you see in your pool. Colours can vary due to landscaping surouunds, tiling colours, fencing and house colours.

Standard Pebblecrete
Premium Pebblecrete
Full Glass Pebble
Fully Tiled Pool

White (Premium Range)

White (White Pebblecrete)
Light Blue Water
Only recommended with waterline tiling

White C10 (Premium Range)

White C10
Light / Mid Blue Water

White C10
Linen Travertine Coping
Waterline Tiles:
GCR207 Powder Blue 48mm

White C10
Linen Travertine Coping
Waterline Tiles:
GCR207 Powder Blue 48mm

White CA10 (Premium Range)

White CA10
Mid Blue Water

White CA10
Tunisian Pearl Limestone Coping
Waterline Tiles:
GC435 Caribbean

White CA10
Parisian Blue Limestone Coping
Step Tiles:
CMC331 Atlantic

White A10 (Premium Range)

White A10
Light Blue / Aqua Water

White B10 (Premium Range)

White B10
Light Blue / Turquoise Water

Barrier Reef Blue (Premium Range)

Barrier Reef Blue
Mid Blue / Aqua

Blue Lagoon (Premium Range)

Blue Lagoon
Mid Blue

Deep Sapphire (Premium Range)

Deep Sapphire
Mid / Deep Blue

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