Have Carefree Pool Enjoyment With A Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Discover the benefits of a Dolphin

Perfection in your pool

Take care of your pool & your planet with the world’s first climate care certified robotic pool cleaner.

• Active brushing provides full cleaning coverage
• Easy and convenient to use, just plug and play
• Energy efficient, gentle on your pool and wallet

PowerStream Mobility System

Floor, Walls & Waterline

Dual Active Scrubber Dual Active Scrubber

CleverClean Scanning for Max. Coverage

Multi-function Energy Saver Power Supply

Fast Water Release

Advanced Scheduler Weekly Timer

MyDolphin™️ App Set & Forget

The new benchmark in robotic pool cleaners

The Dolphin’s innovative filtration system improves your water quality while also reducing the load on your pool’s filtration system and requiring fewer backwashes, saving you water and chemicals.

Energy-efficient excellence

Dolphin’s cleaners are proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 83% more than other models. Enjoy a cleaner, purer pool, brought to you by a system that’s gentler on your wallet and the environment.

Climate-certified care

The world’s first climate care certified robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin’s quiet, efficient motor and choice of settings allow you to tailor your cleaning experience to your pool’s specific needs.

Your dream pool awaits