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Concrete Pool with white pebblecrete

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Full Glass Pebble

All About Pebblecrete Pools and Colour Selections

Dynamic Pool Designs offers a diverse palette of pebblecrete colors to personalise your swimming pool, ensuring each installation is unique.

The surrounding elements like fencing, landscaping, adjacent structures, and even sunlight and shadow can dramatically influence the perceived colour of your pool’s water, creating a bespoke aquatic oasis.

Our experienced team provides expert guidance on potential water hues, though it’s important to note that exact colour replication is beyond our guarantee due to these varying environmental factors.

Opt for a predominantly white pebble with subtle blue flecks for a radiant light blue water appearance. Those desiring a deeper blue can select pebbles enriched with more blue flecks. For a captivating turquoise effect, a blend of black and gold flecks is your go-to choice.

Consider this information a foundational guide in selecting your pool’s interior. While close-up photos offer a glimpse, they cannot fully capture the dynamic beauty of your pool under different lighting conditions. Explore our gallery to see the transformative effect of various weather scenarios on the same pool, from sunny days to overcast skies, and envision the endless possibilities for your backyard retreat.

Check out the action video and embrace the unique beauty of pebblecrete! Crafted from natural stone, each pebblecrete finish is a masterpiece with its own variations in colour, shading, surface, and texture. These distinctive features, including the charming nuances of hand-trowelled surfaces, uneven textures, and the delightful variation in pebbles’ distribution, highlight the material’s natural elegance. Far from being flaws, these variations enhance the character of your pool, ensuring your outdoor space is truly one-of-a-kind. Dive into the natural beauty with Dynamic Pool Designs!

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