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Ozone destroys 99.9% bacteria and viruses

Ozone, the key component of our Mineral Swim system, destroys 99.9% viruses and bacteria and has been proven to kill viruses including SARS which has an almost identical structure to COVID-19 attacking the respiratory system like COVID-19.  Ozone is widely used in many industries where germs are likely to spread, including Aquatic Centres, Hospitals and the Airline Industry.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises that when integrated into pool equipment, Ozone can be viewed as the most powerful oxidising and disinfecting agent available for pool & spa water treatment. Ozone will act as the primary oxidiser and disinfectant destroying impurities and microorganisms allowing the pool owner to reduce the chlorine demand needed in their pool.  Ozone Swim is 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria than chlorine making it one of the most powerful and effective sanitation systems on the market.

If pool water is treated only with chlorine, at certain levels, it will take approximately 16 minutes for viruses to be killed.  Viruses are chlorine resistant, meaning they are not easily destroyed by chlorine alone but when combined with a secondary sanitation system, like Ozone Swim the risk of contracting a virus is significantly decreased.  Many progressive Aquatic Centres and Learn to Swim Schools now insist on upgrading to secondary sanitation system to effectively manage sanitation and health within their centres.  Ozone systems are highly recommended for use on every public pool by health departments in every state and territory of Australia as it provides the most effective treatment when it comes to the smallest of pathogens such  as viruses.  The APVMA and NSW Department of Health, the most stringent health body in Australia, recognises Ozone as approved disinfectant method when used in conjunction with chlorine. 

“Ozone is a stronger oxidiser than chlorine, it substantially reduces chlorine demand and allows chlorine to be more efficient in residual disinfection allowing for lower chlorine levels”

Not all Ozone systems are equal!

Unlike many other Ozone systems on the market which use UV bulbs to create ozone, Ozone Swim harnesses patented technology creating an electrical field that self generates ozone, in the same way lightening is created.  As a result, there are no replacement bulbs which can cost around $200-$300 every 2 years and the strength of ozone is far more powerful almost 10 times more than UV systems!

Effect of Ozone on Bacteria & Viruses

Ozone is a water purification system that’s 10 times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant and kills bacteria on contact leaving no residual traces like chlorine does.  It’s the residual from chlorine (combined chlorine/chloramine) that’s responsible for that nasty smell and irritating the skin and eyes.  Ozone interferes with the metabolism of bacteria by inhibiting the operation of the enzymatic control system breaking through the cell membrane destroying the bacteria.  Viruses are different they are small, independent particles built of crystals and macro molecules.  Unlike bacteria, they multiply only within the host cell and they transform protein of that host cell into proteins of their own.  Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core resulting in damage to the virus.

What about other Health Benefits?

As Ozone Swim is so effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and nasty chloramines, it’s the perfect system if you’re looking to ramp up sanitation levels in your pool.  Ozone has many other well documented health benefits, the water feels softer to swim in, its gentle on the skin and the eyes particularly for the 1 in 4 that suffer from a skin condition and finally it’s a natural flocculant so your water clarity will be crystal clear.     

Did you know that all bottled water is treated by ozone before hitting our shelves??

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