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A truly unique swimming experience

Mineral Swim combines 100% Natural Dead Sea Minerals with Ozone-to-Oxygen Water Purification and Natural Skincare to create a therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear swimming experience, pefectly formulated for your pool.

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the world, searching to renew their skin's vitality and youthfulness with the magnesium (Mg) rich mineral deposits along its shores. With high mineral content, low concentration of pollens, allergens and oxygen at high atmospheric pressure, the Dead Sea is an epicentre for health research and treatment



Premium and Authentic Pool Minerals from the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Minerals

100% Pure Dead Sea Minerals deliver a range
of health and wellbeing benefits.
The Magnesium (Mg) rich Dead Sea minerals have been known to:

  • Enhance pool water quality softer and more gentle than traditional salt and chlorine pools - ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Reduce chemical and water usage - offering a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • Provide exceptional water clarity - magnesium is a natural flocculant.
  • Help to ease muscle tension.
  • Stimulate skin hydration and soften the skin.
  • Recreate a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries at the Dead Sea.
  • Detoxify and regenerate the skin, boosting its natural defence system.


Harnessing the Power of Natures Own Purification

Ozone Purification

Natural Water Purification
Ozone water is purified using the same ozone technology that purifies 90% of the world's bottled drinking water using an ozone system destroys chlorine resistant organisms such as Cryptosporidium.

The water is Crystal Clear because ozone is a natural flocculent that consistently turns impurities into solids so they can be filtered out. Using Ozone not only sanitises the water it purifies it. Eliminating the day to day maintenance.

  • Healthier pool water.
  • Dual purification and safe sanitation.
  • Crystal clear and odour-free.
  • Gentle on eyes and soft on skin.
  • Enhances water balance.
  • Compatible with any existing pool system.


Perfect peace of mind with our professional care.

Maytronics Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service - Perfect piece of mind with our professional care.

We will help to you maintain your exceptional Mineral Swim experience with the "Maytronics 12 month customer care service" designed to keep your Mineral Swim system in optimal condition.

Have peace of mind knowing your investment is being looked after by professionals, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Pre-Summer & Pre-Winter, Professional health check of your pool equipment and water quality analysis
  • Have our professionals add the required amount of DeadSea Minerals to your pool and have your pool ready for the season ahead. (minerals charged seperatley)


Organic Beauty Inspired by the dead sea


AHAVA Active Deadsea Minerals

The AHAVA range of skin care products complements your Mineral Swim system, inspired by the finest natural ingredients from the Dead Sea. Discover our superior quality products and how active Dead Sea Minerals can recharge, rehydrate and illuminate your skin.

Complimentary female and male gift packs included with every Mineral Swim System


For more information or to sample the amazing DeadSea Minerals or AHAVA natural beauty products, contact us or visit our showroom in Chinderah, NSW.

Mineralswim Systems & Deadsea Minerals are available for all new & exsiting pools

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Mineralswim - Experience the Dead Sea

A truly unique and healthy swimming experience, The Mineral Swim System combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with natural pool water purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water

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