Case Study

Banora Waterfront Project


Nestled on the serene waterfront of Banora Point, this outstanding creation harmonises with the Tweed Shire’s natural beauty. This pool is a marvel of design and engineering, with its complex construction involving deep screw piers, reinforced double steel, and substantial concrete footings. Its standout feature is the luxurious 2x2 meter spa, complete with six jets, a spa blower, and an air switch, all enhanced by the striking GC210 Peacock mosaic tiles. The pool itself is finished with an upgraded Double Chip Jade Pebblecrete, complemented by elegant porcelain bullnose coping tiles, adding a touch of grandeur to the waterscape.

The infinity edge, with its meticulously constructed balance tank wall, pours over in a calming cascade, and the extended pool wall features a 900mm water blade, creating a serene water feature that's both visually and aurally pleasing. This project isn’t just a swimming pool; it’s a statement of luxury and tranquillity, built to stand as the jewel of Banora Point.