Swimming Pool Automation & Efficiency

A Self-Sufficient Pool - Automated pool systems are the future.
Why, because our time is precious.

Automation offers pool owners simple control over their filtration & system operation, with the convenience of operating from a remote or your mobile phone. You can easily control your in-floor cleaning or robotic pool cleaners, water temperature, sanitation, lights, spa jets, water features and more, including setting up timed schedules for every day of the week.

Pool owners can even turn on the spa or pool heating from home before leaving the office or adjust the sanitation levels while you are away or on extra hot days!

We can tailor an automated pool solution for you, either by using a simple phone app that just controls your pump to a full backyard solution that operates everything from you pool to your backyard garden lighting and irrigation system. There is a solution that will be perfect for you.

An energy efficient pool will save you money and reduce the environmental impact!

There are a few ways to conserve energy with your pool filtration, but the biggest saving by far is choosing the right swimming pool pump. The average residential pool pumps runs for about six to eight hours a day, the main purpose is recirculation, pumping water from the pool and through the filter so your water is kept clean and properly circulated. A single speed pump will do the job and has done more many, many years, while also using alot of energy.

The energy saving pumps have multiple speeds available, this enables the pump to be more efficient in it's energy usage. You can set these pumps at different levels allowing the water to be circulated around the pool at varied speeds. 

Why else should i chose an energy efficient pump - It's quieter at a lower speed, the motor and filtration equipment may last longer as it is operating at a lower pressure.

Sometime a single speed pump my be required when you set up needs a constant flow to run other ancillary connections like, solar and large water features, ask our team if an energy efficient pump will be the best option for your filtration set up!


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Automation + Efficiency = Less Work, More Play

Our lives are busy, don't spend unnecessary time maintaining your pool. We can automate your pool to save you time and custom select the right equipment to save you money.

Working Together = Teamwork

Your swimming pool project is about you, and the Dynamic Pool Designs team is dedicated to helping you design the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Check out our "Pool Design Checklist" and then call us for an onsite consultation.


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