Pros and Cons: Comparing Fibreglass Pools With Other Types

Fibreglass Pool & Spa

When it comes to installing a pool, the journey begins with choosing the right type. Today’s market offers several options, each with unique benefits and considerations. Among these options, fibreglass pools are popular for their durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic flexibility.  Dynamic Pool Designs, a leader in the industry, offers bespoke solutions to homeowners […]

Innovative Small Pool Trends: Why Plungie Pools are Taking Over

Plungie Pool

The Rising Popularity of Plunge Pools In the ever-evolving landscape of modern home design, the allure of small pools has surged, capturing the imagination of homeowners seeking both luxury and practicality.  These smaller plunge pools are a stylish additions to suburban homes, offering a refreshing dip without compromising on features loved by homeowners. Dynamic Pool […]

Why we love Plungie Pools!

Ok, we actually love all pools!… But the new Plungie range have stolen our hearts and allowed us to fast-track the construction process to have our customers splashing around faster! The Plungie pools are innovative and a great option for when the size and shape suit your site with no compromise on quality. Most site types are […]

Ozone destroys 99.9% bacteria and viruses

Ozone, the key component of our Mineral Swim system, destroys 99.9% viruses and bacteria and has been proven to kill viruses including SARS which has an almost identical structure to COVID-19 attacking the respiratory system like COVID-19.  Ozone is widely used in many industries where germs are likely to spread, including Aquatic Centres, Hospitals and […]

Pool Builder Showroom in Chinderah!

Have you seen our Showroom? We are located at Chinderah NSW, just 10mins south of the NSW//QLD border. With a great range of pool tiles and coping stones, a filtration system display and sanitation samples for you to take home and try! Come in and grab an information pack and make a booking for an […]

It might be cold…but your pool still needs you!!

Getting your pool ready for winter is really much the same as every other season. In our temperate climate there is no need to “winterise” your pool. It’s important to follow a regular maintenance program all year round. You will need to complete regular weekly testing of chlorine & pH at home using your pool […]