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Concrete Pool Handover, Product Manuals & Info Sheets

Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a brand new pool! We are excited to handover the pool to you and want to make sure you have all of the information you need to take care of it properly.

Please have a look at the below information carefully and if you have any questions please just ask!
The first couple of weeks after starting up your pool is the time to make sure everything is running right.

The first 4 weeks after your pool is filled with water.

  • Brush the entire pebblecrete internal surface daily for the first 4 weeks.

The pools cement interior will start its crystallisation hardening process once mixed with water and the majority of it's internal chemical hardening will take place within the first 28 days.

This critical time period is when a pool interior finish is at its most susceptible to staining, scaling and discolouration. Daily brushing and constant monitoring and adjusting of the pool water is mandatory during this period.

Brushing and monitoring chemical adjustments will be mandatory by the homeowner or a trained pool technician during the service life of any pool surface

  • Test pool water and balance it to the recommended levels below
    Total Alkalinity (TA) 100-200ppm (Ideal 120)
    pH 7.2-7.8 (Ideal 7.4)
    Chlorine 1-3ppm


Allow some time for the water to balance out. Take it slowly and add only one chemical at a time. Allow for one full turnover (usually 12 hours) before re-testing and make another adjustment if needed

Regular Maintenance - Weekly

  • Brush walls (including waterline), steps, benches & floor of your pool.
  • Check filter pressure & if necessary hose cartridge filters or backwash sand filters.
  • Empty skimmer & pump baskets.
  • Test pool water for total alkalinity, pH and chlorine, adjust as per test guide & balance.
  • Check pool water level.
  • Check and clean cartridges/basket of robotic pool cleaners

Regular Maintenance - Monthly

  • Have your pool serviced by a pool professional OR Have your water tested at a pool shop to test salt, calcium and many other levels in your pool every monthly.
  • Backwash sand filters and clean cartridge filters
  • Check plumbing & equipment for leaks or odd noises

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