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Pool Builder Showroom in Chinderah!

Posted by Dynamic Pool Designs on 11 June 2019
Pool Builder Showroom in Chinderah!

Have you seen our Showroom? We are located at Chinderah NSW, just 10mins south of the NSW//QLD border.

With a great range of pool tiles and coping stones, a filtration system display and sanitation samples for you to take home and try! Come in and grab an information pack and make a booking for an onsite quote at your place. We service all clients from Byron Bay & Ballina to Burleigh & Palm Beach and will provide you will an comprenhesive onsite meeting and an easy to read proposal based on your design and style.

If you want a pool for this coming summer you need to get started now, with Byron bay and Tweed Shire councils taking sometimes up to 8 weeks for approvals and then 6 weeks construction time you are well and truly already coming into Spring and you still need to finish the landscaping! - Dont wait too long and miss out this year.

Grab your site plan and or inspiration photos and lets get started on your dream backyard!

Call us today on 1300 760 680

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It might be cold...but your pool still needs you!!

Posted by Dynamic Pool Designs on 1 May 2019
It might be cold...but your pool still needs you!!

It might be cold...but your pool still needs you!!

Getting your pool ready for winter is really much the same as every other season. In our temperate climate there is no need to "winterise" your pool.

It's important to follow a regular maintenance program all year round.

You will need to complete regular weekly testing of chlorine & pH at home using your pool test kit and then every month take a water sample to your local pool shop or arrange for a pool service company to complete the full water test onsite this will ensure you take care of your pool, a very special asset!

During winter, as you check your levels each week, you will most likely notice that you will need to dial the chlorinator output down, as evaporation and chemical loss will be much less during this time, your chlorinator won't need to produce at a high level like in summer.

If you keep an eye on your chemicals, you will stop any over chlorination of the water, which can damage your equipment, shell surface and void warranties.

Pool Heating - If you are constantly heating your pool right through winter you may not need to reduce your chlorine levels, use your test kit to determine and regulate each week.

Pool Covers - If you plan to cover your pool with a solar cover over the winter period, this will almost stop evaporation and you will most likely need a minimum chlorine output, remember you will still need to check under the cover occasionally to clean and brush your pool surface.

Winter Pool Maintenance Summary;

  • Check your pool chlorine and pH every week with a pool test kit
  • Have your water tested by a pool professional every month
  • Reduce your pool filtration by 1-2 hours from your ideal summer schedule (unless you are heating your pool)
  • Empty the skimmer basket when full
  • Occasionally check the water level is half way up the skimmer box opening
  • Continue to check and clean your filter every month (backwash/clean)
  • Turn the pool lights on for at least 30 minutes a week to prevent build-up of moisture within the light and wiring
  • Vacuum the pool floor and brush your walls periodically to reduce staining and algae build up
  • Don't let debris stay on the floor of your pool, even leaves can cause staining on your pool surface if left for too long!

Robotic Pool Cleaners;
Dolphin Robotic pool cleaners are a wonderful accessory for every pool and will assist with your pool maintenance year round. Make sure that you maintain your cleaner and it will be your pool's best friend! - Clean the robot's filter cartridge after each cleaning cycle, keep the power supply in the shade and away from water/puddles/rain and don't leave the robot in the pool when not in use.


Keeping yup your pool maintaince is essential for your pools health and will save your time and money in the long run! - Enjoy the winter time, it's only short here in the Northern Rivers of NSW!

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WOW - 2017 Multi Award Winning Pool Builder

Posted by Dynamic Pool Designs on 10 July 2017
WOW - 2017 Multi Award Winning Pool Builder
WOW - It was a successful night for the Dynamic Pool Designs team at the 2017 Swimming Pool & Spa Industry Awards of Excellence!.

On Saturday night we headed to Sydney for the annual SPASA Awards of Excellence, this year it was held at Luna Park!

The Dynamic Pool Design Team came home with 9 Awards on the night in multiple categories and we could not be more proud.

A big shoutout to our wonderful construction team, partners and suppliers, who without them and their dedication to perfection, quality and communication we would not be here today!

We are also so thankful to our amazing clients for partnering with us and allowing us to help them create these wonderful outdoor spaces, the ongoing support you provide us with kind recommendations and allowing us to photograph and showcase your pools is amazing and we sincerely appreciate it.

We are looking forward to an exciting season ahead and creating the "wow" factor in every home, allowing more people to experience the "healthy lifestyle" and "outdoor fun factor" that comes with owning their own pool!

We will be posting all of the award winning pool photos and award categories on our website very shortly so keep a look out as they are not to be missed - http://www.dynamicpooldesigns.com.au/awards.html


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New Blogs: MagnaPool

Posted by Dynamic Pool Designs on 13 June 2017
New Blogs: MagnaPool

MagnaPool® - Magnesium Mineral Pool System - The only 100% Salt Free System

Dont be fooled by imitations or other products claiming to be "The Same Thing" do your research and you will see that the unique blend of natural ocean minerals in MagnaPool® and is the only system that is 100% salt free.

The only minerals found in MagnaPool® are a combination of Magnesium and Potassium Chloride which are both found in natural mineral spas across the world and are widely recognized for their health and wellbeing properties."From the very first time you jump into a MagnaPool® you can feel the difference, the water has a gentle, silky feeling on your skin and there is no irritation to your eyes."

MagnaPool® minerals are delivered in a specific ratio that through years of testing have been found to be the most comfortable. At the patented ratio of these key minerals, MagnaPool® provides the most natural and superior water quality, along with a range of benefits plus a level of comfort for the swimmer that is unsurpassed. There is no other product available today like it.

No other product can claim all of the benefits below after swimming in a MangaPool® Mineral Pool System

Top 10 Benefits of MagnaPool®

  1. MagnaPool® Minerals are 100% Salt (sodium) free - (The only Mineral system that is "salt free" on the market)
  2. Magnesium and Potassium are the only ingredients in MagnaPool minerals - (Unlike NO other  Swimming Pool Mineral on the market)
  3. Magnesium has a long history of wellbeing effects, many people supplement with magnesium because modern diets tend to be deficient in this important mineral.
  4. It is crucial for over 300 reactions in the body including a long history of studied health and health to brain function.
  5. It has a calming effect on aching muscles and feelings of anxiety.
  6. Studies show magnesium is best absorbed through the skin.
  7. Your hair won't need washing to get out that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling associated with chlorine and saltwater pools.
  8. It is very soothing to the skin and helps detoxify cells
  9. Your pool water will be crystal clear, healthy and sanitized, requiring less chemicals.
  10. Reduces the need for many harsh chemicals.

Dynamic Pool Designs is a Titanium Partner with Zodiac the only distributor of the MagnaPool® System, for more information on installing a MagnaPool® System in your new or exsiting pool contact us today 

View MagnaPool Interviews here


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News Blog: Can a Robot Really Clean My Pool?

Posted by Dynamic Pool Designs on 5 June 2017
News Blog: Can a Robot Really Clean My Pool?


The Robot Revolution Is Here, and you are either onboard or missing out!

With the trend heading towards pool automation and the need for pool owners to spend less time maintaining the pool you cannot go past the Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Cleaner, it's the industry leader in robotic pool cleaners.

Robotic cleaners use less energy than a suction cleaner as they work independantly from the filtration pump and require minimal electrical power to operate the motor, they reduce the need for backwashing as the internal cartridge works like a filter, because of this it will save you water and chemical loss.

As a builder we will only provide our clients with products that we know will perform at the highest level of efficiency and provide the best quality, because we are strict with our products we don't have to worry about any call backs, phone calls about the product not working or parts breaking down. - We back this product 100% and believe the company behind it "Maytronics" is a innovation leader.

We sell a range of Dolphin options from the "builder's only range" to the top of the line M500 Supreme range of cleaners. The Supreme range of robotic pool cleaners is taking all the hard work out of pool cleaning, while providing exceptional, efficient and reliable cleaning results every time. 

Don't bother with a suction cleaner, you will get what you pay for. The dolphin robotic pool cleaners will clean your entire pool floor, walls, steps and even waterline build-up. It's easy to use and designed to save you time and money with reduced water, chemical and energy usage.

Kick back and let your robot go to work!




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Mineralswim - Experience the Dead Sea

A truly unique and healthy swimming experience, The Mineral Swim System combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with natural pool water purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water

Automation + Efficiency = Less Work, More Play

Our lives are busy, don't spend unnecessary time maintaining your pool. We can automate your pool to save you time and custom select the right equipment to save you money.

Working Together = Teamwork

Your swimming pool project is about you, and the Dynamic Pool Designs team is dedicated to helping you design the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Check out our "Pool Design Checklist" and then call us for an onsite consultation.


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